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Organic greens with the taste turned up full

At Gemyse, vegetables are no longer a sad, overcooked garnish but a star feature with plenty of taste and texture. From morning to evening you can enjoy precision-cooked vegetables – and the chefs are not afraid to use spices from culinary arts worldwide. In fact, we promise you a plate full of intense taste and new combinations.


High quality & sustainability

Fresh local vegetables are the key to our outstanding dishes. Gemyse therefore cooperates closely with Aarstiderne, a company specialising in organic produce to ensure high quality and sustainability at the same time.

Gemyse is situated in the heart of beautiful Tivoli and when the Gardens are open, admission is required to visit the restaurant.


Opening hours

11.00 - 23.00

Monday to Sunday


Green garden concerts at Gemyse

Dinner concert in Tivoli Gardens - green and innovative cuisine combined with the best the Danish music scene can offer.

Experience NORTHY3, Pernille Rosendahl, Lenny & Waqas from Outlandish, SKO / TORP and THØGER

 Read more about the concert here


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