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Lavishly topped with love

Fru Nimb is a classic Danish open sandwich restaurant, lavishly topped with love; a love of good ingredients and a love of good experiences. Wherever possible, we use local produce, we always choose the best each season can offer with an authentic focus on organic fair. Try the tasteful open-faced sandwiches and dinner classics.

When Tivoli is open admission is required to visit Fru Nimb. When Tivoli is closed the entrance to the restaurant is via Nimb Hotel.

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A little history

Fru Nimb is named after Louise Nimb, who was one of the great Copenhagen restaurateurs of the 1800s. In Tivoli Gardens, she and her husband, Vilhelm, managed the Divan 2 establishment. She was a masterly chef and published a very popular cookbook, Fru Nimbs Kogebog. Above all, she was an excellent hostess who knew how to make everyone feel welcome, gentry and commoners alike. Everything Louise Nimb had learnt about the restaurant business she passed on to her daughters, Henriette and Serina, who were handed responsibility for Restaurant Nimb in 1909 when the establishment first opened.
The restaurant “Fru Nimb” opened in spring 2015.

Welcome & “velbekomme”
Michael Rosenberg, Head Chef, Fru Nimb

Opening hours


12.00 - 16.00


17.00 - 22.00

Monday to Sunday

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Show & Menu

In Tivoli you can experience swirling dancers, captivating music and fantastic shows. At Nimb we are ready to give you a culinary experience that complete your evening. 

With our 'Show & Menu' you can enjoy a dinner before or after your selected show.

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