Christmas reverie in Gemyse’s herb garden

Step inside Gemyse’s charming greenhouse and enjoy a moment of tranquility before heading out again into Tivoli Garden’s Christmas wonderland. Warm yourself by baking campfire bread on a stick or enjoy a glass of Gemyse’s own apple-infused mulled wine, which is available in an alcohol-free version as well as an extra heart-warming version with a splash of fine rum.
Kindly note that advance reservation of tables or campfire sites is not possible.


Pumpkin soup with bread 85,-
Pumpkin soup with twist bread 100,-*
Cake of the day 65,-
Twist bread with jam or ketchup 35,-*
Marshmallows 35,-
Marshmallows with biscuits 50,-

Gemyse’s spiced apple glögg (no alcohol) - 65,-
With rum +30,-
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 70,-
With rum or cognac +30,-
Irish Coffee 95,-
Gl. Wine from 95,-
Bottled beer from 70,-
Soft drinks from 35,-
Cup of filter coffee 30,-
French press coffee (small/large) 40 / 50,-
Pot of tea 50,-

*Please note that twist bread must be baked over the bonfires. Estimated activity time is approx. 20 minutes.

The Greenhouse and kitchen garden can be visited every day from 11:30 to 20:00.

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