A fairy-tale cocktail menu

What do Hans Christian Andersen, Tivoli Gardens and Nimb Bar’s cocktail menu have in common?
The bar team at Nimb Bar has aimed to create a cocktail menu that is as magical as the fairy-tale gardens that surround Nimb.
They explored the entire works of Hans Christian Andersen for inspiration, and the result was 13 superbly crafted cocktails with clear references to the immortal fairy tales of Denmark’s famous storyteller.
That the first cocktail draws inspiration from The Nightingale is no coincidence.
On 11 October 1843, Hans Christian Andersen visited Tivoli Gardens, which became the inspiration for his description of the Chinese imperial park that opens the fairy tale. Andersen wrote in his diary for 11 October: “In Tivoli, Carstensen’s evening, began my Chinese fairy tale.”
That’s as true as can be …

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