Afternoon Tea in Nimb Bar

A delightful twist on the classic afternoon tea

First serving

English sandwich with cold-smoked salmon from Samsø Røgeri smokehouse and herbal cream 

Shrimp salad with cocktail sauce on spicy shrimp crisps 

Gougère with Gammel Knas cream cheese and artichoke 

Variety of sunchokes: browned sunchoke praline and crisps with lemon purée on crispbread 

Crispy croquette with seasonal mushrooms and Mangalica ham

Second serving

Cakenhagen’s lemon tart with puff pastry, lemon curd and meringue

Macaron with salted caramel chocolate

The Golden Tower: chocolate puff pastry, passion fruit jelly and caramel mousse

Danish cream puff (Flødebolle): Marzipan base and vanilla foam filling coated with dark chocolate

Scones with lemon curd and butter

Tea servings

Two different teas paired with savoury and sweet serving.

DKK 475

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Good to know

The menu changes 2 times a year – in the beginning of September and February.

Please note that there is a minimum booking of 2 persons. Afternoon Tea must be ordered no later than at 16:00 the day before. However, orders for Sunday must be made no later than Friday at 12:00. The table is yours for 2 hours.

Where: Nimb Bar, Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 Copenhagen
When: 12:00, 13:30 & 14:30 
Date: Every day with the exception of selected Sundays   
Price: DKK 475 per person

Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire

On selected Sundays we add a little extra enjoyment to the day and serve “Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire.” As always, afternoon tea is served by the crackling log fire in Nimb Bar – but with just that little extra luxury you dearly deserve. Nimb’s chefs lend their masterly talents to the finest produce in season, while the house champagne is duly replaced by Dom Pérignon.

Welcome serving

A glass of Dom Pérignon

First serving

Hummersalat med krydder-rejechips samt blinis med kaviar

Inspireret sandwich med chermoula (marokkansk urtedip), creme og letbagt torsk

Edamamebønne-falafel med mynte-citrongræs broken gel

Krustader med Ras-el-Hanout, drænet yoghurt, syltede sennepskorn og bagte beder

Rimmet kammusling med kamomil-agurkejuice, kaviar og korianderolie

Sambousek (samosa) flydt med baba-ganoush med dadler og cashewnødder toppet med syrling granatæble-gel

Second serving

Tærte med bergamotte og marengs 

Macaron med pistacie

Fyldt chokolade med mynte

Cremefraiche-mousse med æblegele på en sprød bund med varme krydderier 

Flødebolle med appelsin og mørk chokolade

Kokosmakron med mørk chokolade

Gâteau med 70% chokolade

Syltetøj, lemoncurd, pisket smør og chokoladepålæg

DKK 795

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Good to know

The menu changes 2 times a year – in the beginning of September and February.

Where: Nimb Bar, Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577 Copenhagen
When: 11:30 & 14:30
Date:  5/2, 5/3, 2/4, 7/5
Price: DKK 795 per person

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