MLX i3 DOME Triple Detox

MLX i3 DOME Triple Detox Therapy is the next-generation detox treatment!
MLX i3Dome infrared therapy offers skin rejuvenating benefits principally through cellular regeneration by improving blood circulation. Additionally, the plasma and light therapy abilities help reduce the appearance of wrinkles while promoting skin health and increasing skin vitality and suppleness.

• Increased detoxification
• Higher metabolism
• Enhanced recovery after physical activity
• Increased blood circulation
• Inflammation, stiffness and soreness are relieved
• Enhanced energy level

Price: DKK 495

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The coolest treatment in town

Cryo Mask

With our Cryo Mask treatment, you can re-indulge in good intentions – and it only takes 3 minutes!

...reduced facial swelling 
...tightening of the facial skin 
...stimulation of collagen production 

In addition, Cryo Mask treatment can help relieve migraine and tension headaches.

DKK 300 per treatment

Includes Cryo Mask treatment, a freshly squeezed ginger shot and refreshing "detox water" with lemon and cucumber.

  • 5 treatments for DKK 1250
  • 10 treatments for DKK 2250

The multiple treatment card is valid for 6 months.


Includes 30 min. access to our Moroccan hammam, a Cryo Mask treatment, a freshly pressed ginger shot, Moroccan mint tea and refreshing "detox water" with lemon and cucumber.

  • 5 treatments for DKK 2300
  • 10 treatments for DKK 4200

The multiple treatment card is valid for 6 months.

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All treatments can be booked as sessions for couples in the same room.

Body Treatments


A deeply relaxing session for the whole body. When your physical tensions have been released, your mental stress will automatically be relieved. This session is ideal for the relaxation of body and mind.

Price: 60 min. DKK 1,250 / 90 min. DKK 1,750 


This classic massage includes stimulation of the muscle groups, effleurage, kneading and joint manipulation. It is the ideal treatment before and after sports activities.

Price: 60 min. DKK 1,250 / 90 min. DKK 1,750 


Neck + shoulders and back or legs.

Price: 30 min. DKK 800

Same-day treatments can be booked by either calling +45 2272 5850 or writing to

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Travel the world

Globetrotter Series

The Nimb Wellness Globetrotter Series is a series of treatments where you can travel the world and try different massages without ever leaving Nimb Wellness.


- Inspired by traditional Balinese massage 

Nimb’s signature massage is an in-depth massage and full body treatment that uses a combination of gentle stretching exercises, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy, which together stimulate better oxygen and blood supply and provide more "qi" (energy) to your body. 

The treatment provides a deep feeling of wellbeing, calm and relaxation, all while increasing the blood supply to your muscles to repair injuries and relieve joint pains and mental tension. 

You start with steam bath in our Moroccan hammam followed by a 90-minute massage. Finally, a little refreshment is served in our relaxation area. 

90 min. DKK 1,900


- Inspired by Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage
Aloha Massage is inspired by Hawaiian Lomilomi therapy that emphasizes the mind-body connection. The flowing rhythmic strokes that mimic ocean waves provide a deep, relaxing and regenerating energy experience. The massage generally applies light or medium pressure, which can be adapted to your personal needs.

Aloha and Lomilomi Massage techniques aim to treat the body and mind as one. 

Aloha and Lomilomi massage techniques treat body and mind as a holistic whole and have a positive impact on blood circulation, the musculoskeletal system and your general wellbeing. 

90 min. DKK 1,750


Through massage and yoga, we can let go of old patterns of thought, calm down and embrace joy. The yoga massage includes yoga stretching, various massage and breathing techniques that release stress and work on your muscles in a comfortable way, focusing on renewed energy.

Price: 60 min. DKK 1,250 / 90 min. DKK 1,750


Here, Chinese and Japanese acupressure techniques are combined with indigenous methods from South American, resulting in a fantastic, natural facelift that also acts as a relaxing anti-stress treatment. The face is rejuvenated, wrinkles and deep furrows are reduced, while the elasticity of the skin is enhanced.

Price: 75 min. DKK 1,500


Gua sha is a treatment from China originating several thousand years ago. It is a method of massage where you scrape and treat the muscles with a hard, flat object.Gua sha effectively loosens blockages that cause tension or pain by bringing toxins to the surface, after which they are released from the body. The effect is relatively quick and you will enjoy immediate relief, all while achieving a warm sensation in the area of application. Small red or dark spots on the skin as well as soreness may occur following the treatment. This is completely normal and the reactions will disappear within a few days. Gua sha can be combined with acupuncture or applied as a stand-alone treatment.

Price: Gua sha 45 min. DKK 1,100 / Acupuncture and Gua sha 90 min. DKK 1,900


A sensual holistic experience for body and soul, Lomi Lomi flow massage ensures that you melt away on the couch. The sound therapy consists of a soothing vocal combined with Tibetan singing bowls – and if you wish, the singing bowls can be placed directly on your body.

The treatment is tailored to your needs with gentle vibrations from the singing bowls and excellent essential oils.

Price: 90 min. DKK 1,900


Hilot massage pays homage to indigenous Filipino healing traditions and rituals. Ancient therapeutic massage techniques have been merged with the sensuous care of Nimb Wellness, offering enduring benefits for the mind, body and soul. A combination of relaxation and long, deep strokes complemented with therapeutic foot massage using bamboo sticks for balance and to boost the body’s immune system.

Price: 90 min. DKK 1,900


Gain renewed energy and strengthen your immune system with this unique combination of classic in-depth massage and raindrop techniques used by native Americans through generations. Raindrop Massage involves deep spine treatment, which by using essential oils strengthens the health of the spine and raises your energy level.

Price: 60 min. (focusing on the back, shoulders and neck) DKK 1,250 / 90 min. (full-body massage) DKK 1,750

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Special Treatments


Body SDS is a deep and powerful treatment that combines deep-reaching, repetitive massage techniques with acupressure, joint manipulation and breathing techniques. Body SDS is a popular and powerful Danish technique.

60 min. DKK 1,500 / 90 min. DKK 1,900 


Acupuncture is beneficial even if you are in good health. Perhaps you just haven’t slept well and feel a little lethargic. Or maybe you have neck tension or a headache. Perhaps your digestion needs soothing? All these things are simply imbalances, which acupuncture deals with effectively. After travelling you can benefit from an adjustment to regain balance. Tui Na massage (Chinese medical massage), ear acupuncture and cupping are included in the acupuncture treatment when appropriate.

Price: 60 min. DKK 1,250 


Lymphatic drainage is a gentle form of treatment in which the lymphatic system is activated using various techniques. The treatment helps the body rid itself of waste products and furthermore optimises the lymphatic circulation and thus relieves swelling and edema.

Price: 30 min. DKK 900 


Indoor work, long flights and dark days all contribute to the deterioration of our health and may also determine whether we become prone to a number of diseases. The white-light therapy activates the production of the pleasure hormone serotonin, while slowing the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. The treatment includes light therapy and massage of the neck, shoulders, back and scalp and effectively relieves tension, stress and jetlag. During the massage, the shoulders and neck are subjected to light
pressure. Combined with inhaling specially selected aromatic oils, this treatment will help you achieve complete relaxation.

: 30 min DKK 800 


Tired feet after travelling or a long day on the go? With Heavenly Feet, your feet will enjoy the divine attention they truly deserve.
The treatment starts with a wonderful rosewater foot bath and a soothing cup of tea, so that the whole body is thoroughly warmed. We then apply a gentle exfoliation that renders a softening effect. Then your feet are ready for a thorough massage – and if desired, reflexology.

Price: 45 min. DKK 900 


The treatment starts with a boost to the body in the Moroccan hammam. You then receive a cleansing salt scrub followed by a nourishing and moisturising massage with Korsholm’s Ayurvedic oils.

Price: 90 min. DKK 1,750


Pregnancy massage is a relaxing and gentle massage for both the expectant mother and child. The massage has a positive effect on e.g. pain in the lower back, water retention, restlessness in the legs and pelvic instability. The massage, which can be applied throughout the pregnancy, is performed on a specially designed couch that allows you to lie on your stomach.

60 min. DKK 1,250 / 90 min. DKK 1,750 

Same-day treatments can be booked by either calling +45 2272 5850 or writing to

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Here you learn a number of beneficial exercises that have a de-stressing effect and provide increased focus and sense of presence. Gaining control over your breathing makes it easier to deal with the hustle and bustle of a stressful day. The programme will be designed based on your needs, allowing you to follow up afterwards. The primary exercises are rooted in Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

Private 60 min. DKK 1,250 / 90 min. DKK 1,750 / Couples 60 min. DKK 1,500 / 90 min. DKK 2,000


Body SDS training is a Danish training system designed for the modern person that is centred on health, prevention and strength. The exercise especially focuses on posture, breathing and movement patterns, which lead to better health.

Price: 90 min. DKK 1,750

Same-day treatments can be booked by either calling +45 2272 5850 or writing to

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Massage for children ensures that your child relaxes completely and is relieved of tension. The massage promotes greater body awareness and supports increased attention and concentration as well as calming the body. The massage strengthens the child’s motoric skills and can also relieve growing pains.

60 min. DKK 1,250


The massage stimulates both the social and motoric development of the child as well as the blood circulation and digestion. In addition, it strengthens the immune system. A loving touch and body contact are important factors that have a calming and relaxing effect on the child.

30 min. DKK 800

Same-day treatments can be booked by either calling +45 2272 5850 or writing to

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