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The Vinotek is for wine lovers

Nimb Vinotek is no longer functioning as a wine bar and restaurant, but you can still host private functions in the spectacular room. Please don't hesitate to contact us on event@nimb.dk or +45 8870 0000.


The warm rustic ambiances with classic designer seating and wooden long tables are also inviting places to host receptions and private functions.

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Wine tastings

Nimb Vinotek offers many unique and exciting wine tastings with different themes. Wine tasting will be performed as a tasting session with commentary where the different wines, regions and grape types are covered. We will take guests through the following topics: wine production, storage, crop yields - in short, a journey from the harvest to the beautiful finished product, wine. In addition, we will look at storage potential and wine critics' ratings of the wines. Last but not least, we will talk about the history of the region where the wine originates from.