Spoil your guests with an unforgettable experience

Invite your guests to a festive event where they know something special awaits them as soon as they read the address on the invitation. If you want to create an outstanding and unique experience for your guests, the setup and the atmosphere must be similarly special and intimate. Every detail requires attention and dedication.

We always use the best ingredients of the seasons for our buffets, brunches and menus.

Please contact us so we can help you create your special event.

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Brunch: January - December 2023

  • Selection of bread, pastries and croissants from Nimb’s in-house organic bakery
  • Jams/jellies, hazelnut spread and honey from Tivoli Gardens
  • Full-milk yoghurt with fresh berries and muesli
  • Smoked Funen salmon with smoked fresh cheese and radishes
  • Nimb’s chicken nugget with tarragon mayonnaise
  • House-made shrimp salad with dill
  • Selection of charcuterie and cheese
  • Fried organic sausages and house-made ketchup
  • Scrambled eggs and crispy bacon from free-range pigs
  • Marinated fruit
  • Small cakes from Nimb’s own pastry chef

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October - December 2023

Event menu


  • Lightly baked salmon, cucumber and herbs with emulsion and crispy rye bread
  • Baked cod with cauliflower, almonds and lemon
  • Herbed salt-and-sugar cured salmon with fennel, apples and dill


  • Beef tenderloin with seasonal garnish and rich sauce (+DKK 75 per person)
  • Fried halibut with parsley root and lightly smoked sauce 
  • Duck breast with celeriac, apples and rich sauce with long pepper

    All main courses are served with crushed potatoes with herbs


  • Crisp shell of dark chocolate with cream and seasonal flavour
  • Marzipan, apple and white chocolate
  • Lemon tart with meringue

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Please contact us with your questions and requests.

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Buffet, Canapés & Late-night snacks: January - December 2023

Standing buffet

  • Grilled shrimps with lime and pimento
  • Melon with goat cheese and pine nuts
  • Salmon ceviche with ponzu and sesame
  • Crispy vegetables with cream of smoked fresh cheese
  • Potato croquette, Comté cheese and tarragon 
  • Beef sticks with teriyaki, coriander and chili
  • Air-dried ham with Comté cheese
  • Flødeboller (chocolate-coated marshmallow foam on wafer base) and macarons

Seated buffet

  • Smoked salmon with dill and cucumber
  • Ceviche of seasonal fish 
  • Duck breast with hot spices 
  • Beef fillet with thyme and garlic 
  • Potato purée with smoked fresh cheese and truffles 
  • Pepper sauce
  • Mixed salad with mustard vinaigrette and nuts 
  • Greens of the season
  • Selection of desserts


  • Croquette with eggplant and garlic
  • Smoked duck breast with horseradish and rye bread
  • Falafel with edamame beans
  • Blinis with smoked salmon and cream
  • Croustade with beef tartare and truffle cream
  • Celeriac with lemon and black olives 
  • Oysters with ponzu and melon
  • Gougères with Comté cheese and truffle (+DKK 15 per person)
  • Cucumber with scallops and yuzu
  • Macarons

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Grill buffet: May - October 2023

From the grill

  • Grilled sea shrimps
  • Variety of raw and grilled fish
  • Beef fillet with pepper and pimento
  • Grilled pork breast with Nimb’s barbecue sauce
  • Boneless marinated chicken thigh from Rokkedahl

Grilled sausages and sliders can be served at an additional cost of DKK 95 per person 

Side dishes

  • Selection of salads
  • Seasonal greens from the grill
  • Dips and dressing


  • Selection of desserts

Served in the Balanchine Lounge and on Nimb Roof 


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Christmas buffet: November - December 2023

  • Organic bread and rye bread from Nimb’s in-house bakery
  • Organic butter and dripping
  • Marinated white herring with curry salad
  • Gravlax with house-made mustard cream
  • Fried fillet of plaice with house-made remoulade
  • Shrimps with boiled organic eggs and mayonnaise
  • Confit duck leg
  • Roast pork with crackling
  • Fried Medister (pork and suet) sausage from Slagter Lampe
  • Warm house-made pickled red cabbage
  • Christmas sauce
  • Kale salad with apple and mustard
  • Boiled Danish potatoes
  • Risalamande (almond rice pudding) with cherry sauce
  • Christmas butter cookies from Nimb’s pastry shop

Can be served both as shared food on trays and as a buffet


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Please contact us with your questions and requests.

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4 course seasonal menu

Exclusively offered in Nimb Rotunda, Nimb Kuplen, Nimb Vinotek and 1909

September - October

  • Terrine of Danish lobster with salad on pointed cabbage, creamy horseradish and hazelnuts
  • Brill, grilled leek with lemon, pickled onions and lobster sauce with buttermilk
  • Game with beets, cabbage and pepper sauce
  • Shortcrust tart with fresh and preserved berries, cocoa sorbet and chocolate cremeux

November - December

  • Salted cod, cucumber and mussel sauce with Gastro Unika caviar
  • Fried Norwegian lobster with caramelized Jerusalem artichokes and sour apples
  • Stuffed quail with morels and truffle jus
  • Dark chocolate, dark currant and vanilla

Please choose which wines you prefer for the dinner - one for each serving:

White wines:
2022 Riesling Trocken, Weingut Wittmann, Rheinhessen
2022 Sancerre Les Bouffants, Domaine de la Garenne, Loire
2021 Chablis Vaudon, Maison Joseph Drouhin, Bourgogne

Red wines:
2019 Nuits-St-George - Les Hauts Pruliers, Frédéric Esmonin, Bourgogne
2019 Barolo, Mauro Molino, Piemonte
2019 Pavillon de Leoville Poyferre, Bordeaux

Sweet wines:
NV Brachetto d'Acqui, Fiocco di Vite, Piemonte
2019 Château Lafon, Sauternes, Bordeaux
NV W. & J. Graham's, 10 Years Old Tawney


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