Partnership with Holckenhavn Castle

As part of Tivoli’s and thereby Nimb Hotel’s strategy to attract more tourists to Copenhagen and meet the growing demand from visitors desiring luxury experiences, Nimb Hotel is entering into a strategic partnership with Holckenhavn Castle, a renaissance castle on the island of Funen. Both organisations will offer experiences that foreign visitors would be unlikely to discover independently. The partnership will help to establish Copenhagen and Denmark as a unique destination.

The new partnership will in future enable Tivoli and Holckenhavn Castle to offer tailored accommodation, a limousine service, historical tours and world-class gastronomy that complement one another while raising awareness of Denmark as a tourist destination – initially across the capital region and Funen. This enables both partners to meet the growing demand from visitors seeking unique luxury experiences. With its grand setting and high gastronomic standard, Holckenhavn Castle offers a special kind of authenticity that impresses tourists from all over the world.

Please telephone +45 80 70 00 00 for more information regarding the packages.

About Holckenhavn Castle

Holckenhavn Castle is a manor house beautifully located in the countryside next to Holckenhavn Fjord. Just a stone's-throw from Storebælt Bridge, Holckenhavn Castle lies south of Nyborg on the east coast of Funen, Denmark.

The renaissance castle was built in the late 16th and early 17th century and received its current name in 1672 when Erik Holck acquired it. Today, 14 generations later, the castle is still in possession of the Holck family and is run by Christina and Dennis Hou Holck.

Holckenhavn Castle's halls and lounges are designed in a beautiful, well-lighted, and classic style. Offered are 18 Double Rooms and Suites. Each room are newly renovated and individually decorated, providing a unique experience for each of their guests.

Surrounded by open fields and mysterious forests you can find Holckenhavn Castle just 500 meters off the coastline where traditional forestry, hunting and agriculture are still part of the events that Holckenhavn Castle are proud to offer to their visitors.

At Holckenhavn Castle, gastronomy plays a major role. Seasonal ingredients sources locally and transformed by its prestigious chefs beautiful and inspiring servings on your dinner plate.