The Cardenau family invites you to an exclusive grill evening on Nimb Roof

Join renowned chef Francis Cardenau and his son Victor, along with Nimb, for an unforgettable grill evening on 16 August. The Nimb Roof terrace, with its stunning city views, will be the setting for this exclusive event, where the Cardenau family will serve extraordinary grilled cuisine and create a truly special ambiance.

Francis Cardenau, a culinary icon, is renowned both nationally and internationally as the first chef in Denmark to earn two Michelin stars (at Restaurant Kommandanten). A former restaurateur and long-serving president of Denmark for the prestigious Bocuse d’Or culinary competition, he now, along with his family, runs CARDENAU. This venture aims to preserve and promote French gastronomic heritage through communal dining experiences and events that emphasize the use of seasonal, local Danish produce, often infused with a French flair.

Furthermore, CARDENAU collaborates with Danish farmers and food producers to enhance the quality of local produce and food products, aspiring to inspire Danes to embrace a diet richer in vegetables and legumes. The Cardenau family also champions seafood and diverse animal proteins that may have fallen out of favour or lack a strong culinary tradition in Denmark.

On the evening of the grill event, Nimb Roof will be transformed into a culinary haven, where guests will savour a delectable array of grilled summer vegetables, shellfish, fish, and rabbit, all expertly prepared by Francis and Victor Cardenau. Their passion for food and quality ingredients will be evident in every bite. To complement the meal, Theis Vine will serve their exquisite Ultimate Rosé, which, with its pure, floral notes and a hint of white pepper, presents a taste that is both classic and modern. The entire experience is elevated by enchanting live music and panoramic views of Copenhagen's skyline.

DKK 1,750 per person

16 August from 18:00 to 22:00

Nimb Roof, Bernstorffsgade 3, DK-1577 Copenhagen - the entrance is located between Tivoli Food Hall and Nimb Hotel

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1000 Points Dinner

Following last year’s dinner celebrating a century of wines from 2021 to 1921, we are thrilled to host a dinner during Copenhagen Cooking featuring 10 extraordinary wines, each of which has achieved a coveted 100-point rating in The Wine Advocate. These wines are not only exceptional in quality but also rare and in certain cases, priceless.

Among them are the first wines ever awarded 100 points by Robert Parker in The Wine Advocate: Château Mouton-Rothschild 1982 and Château Cheval Blanc 1982. Additionally, we will be showcasing Château Lafleur, a strong contender for the title of the finest wine from the 1982 vintage.

Even rarer are the champagnes from Selosse, including the coveted 2008 vintage, as well as the sole disgorgement of Substance to have achieved 100 points.

Equally rare are Pingus 2004 and L’Ermita 2013, both representing the first vintages from their respective producers to receive 100 points.

The most precious wine of the evening is Eva Fricke’s Lorcher Krone Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese 2019. This is the only Trockenbeerenauslese from Rheingau to-date to have achieved the prestigious 100-point rating.

Eva Fricke will be attending the dinner.

22 August at 18:00

Additional information and participation for this unique dinner can be obtained by contacting L’Esprit du Vin at
attn: Jørgen Christian Krüff.

This event is part of Copenhagen Cooking.


Menu & Wine


King crab, Gastro Unika caviar, and asparagus panna cotta
2019 Lorcher Krone Riesling trocken · Rheingau · Eva Fricke

Roasted turbot with champagne beurre blanc, caviar, sunchokes, and green apples
2008 Champagne Jacques Selosse · L’Ensemble des Crus

Confit celeriac with croutons, fresh truffle, and browned butter
1986 Marques de Murietta · Castillo Ygay · Rioja Gran Reserva Especial Blanco

Roasted and confit pigeon au jus with baked beets, blackberries, and long pepper
2013 L’Ermita · Priorat · Álvaro Palacios
2004 Pingus · Ribera del Duero · Peter Sisseck

Tournedos Rossini
1982 Château Mouton Rothschild · 1er Grand Cru Classé Pauillac
1982 Château Cheval Blanc · 1er Grand Cru Classé Saint-Emilion
1982 Château Lafleur · Pomerol

Comté & Brillat-Savarin
Champagne Jacques Selosse · Substance · Grand Cru Avize
{1986-2012 D 07·2019}

2019 Lorcher Krone Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese · Rheingau · Eva Fricke

Belgian waffle with Sauternes ice cream and honey
1962 Château d’Yquem · 1er Grand Cru Classé Supérieur Sauternes

Korean Fine Dining Meets Unique Champagnes

In August, Tivoli Gardens visitors can indulge in a unique culinary experience: a fusion of Korean fine dining and exclusive champagnes. The Japanese Pagoda’s pop-up restaurant for August, MODU, will offer a special champagne pairing to complement their exquisite 14-course menu.

MODU is the brainchild of Reif Othman, one of the Middle East’s leading chefs and restaurateurs, in collaboration with two of Korean gastronomy’s foremost ambassadors in Denmark: Kristian Baumann, known for the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Koan, and Youngjin Kim, the talented head chef at Restaurant Juju.

This extraordinary dining experience features Korean haute cuisine with such exquisite ingredients as inlet shrimps, langoustine, oysters, duck, caviar, and red shiso, paired with specially selected and exclusive champagnes.

The Japanese Pagoda

25 August from 18:00 to 23:00

DKK 2,600 per person
Please note that the price does not include admission to Tivoli Gardens.

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with coastal herbs & makgeolli

with yuzu & sesame

with shiso & green chili


with egg yolk & wasabi

Blanc de Blanc 1er Cru Mandois 2019


with fjord shrimps & GastroUnika Caviar

with aromatic herbs & flowers

Blanc de Blanc vintage Deutz 2017

Danish langoustine in spicy soy sauce

Terroir Extra Brut Blancs de Blancs Agrapart

with roasted duck broth

with ssamjang and pickles

Cuvee Victor 2012 Henri Mandois
Nicolas Francois – Magnum Billecart Salmon 2008

with lettuces & doenjang

with mushrooms and seaweed

Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru 2002 Bruno Paillard

with strawberry vinegar syrup

with caramelized rice