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Sustainability lies at the heart

As a restaurant, we see it as our responsibility to prepare and serve culinary experiences with great care. This is why we give great emphasis to organic produce and sustainability.
Bread from our own bakery, eggs and all dairy products are organic throughout the house, and we do our outmost to source the most sustainable products for our menus.
Another good example are long-line mussels from the inlet of Vilsund in Limfjorden, North Jutland, which have a Danish organic seafood certification as well as MSC certification. In fact, Vilsund Blue became the first mussel aquafarm in the world to be certified by MSC, which recognises and rewards sustainable fishing. We are proud to serve such a product at Nimb Brasserie!
Furthermore, we use renewable energy at Nimb, which is supplied by the windfarm at Avedøre Holme.




  • Marinated olives and truffle crisps DKK 95
  • French oysters with lemon and vinaigrette 3 / 6 pcs. • DKK 115 / 215
  • Confit quail legs with truffle mayonnaise DKK 115
  • Duck rillettes served with cornichons, mustard and grilled bread DKK 115
  • Vegetarian


  • Baerii caviar with blinis, crème fraîche and chives 15 / 30 / 125 g • DKK 285 / 545 / 1950
  • Oscietra caviar with blinis, crème fraîche and chives 15 / 30 g • DKK 365 / 685
  • Vegetarian


  • Brioche toast with 30 g. hand-shelled inlet shrimps,saffron emulsion, lemon purée and herbs DKK 245
  • Fried scallops, sweet peas, trout roe and champagne beurre blanc DKK 225
  • Moules marinière with aromatic herbs, white wine and cream DKK 185
  • Classic steak tartare with egg yolk and cress DKK 185
  • Grilled green asparagus, marinated raw daikon, pickled green strawberries, radishes with pea-yuzu sauce DKK 195
  • Grilled half Danish lobster with crispy salad, grilled lemon and saffron mayonnaise DKK 495
  • Vegetarian


  • Lemon sole meunière served with summer greens, new potatoes and bread sauce DKK 345
  • Linguini with lobster, squid, simmered tomatoes, lobster sauce and Baerii caviar DKK 435
  • Gnocchi in creamy herbal sauce with peas, spinach, zucchini and parmesan DKK 315
  • Steak frites of approx. 300 g. organic Danish matured ribeye steak with pommes frites, salad and sauce béarnaise DKK 385
  • Beef tenderloin with crépinette of oxtail and spinach, carrots, asparagus, freshly grated summer truffle and truffle sauce DKK 495
  • Vegetarian

Side dishes

  • New seasonal potatoes with herb butter DKK 65
  • Pommes Frites DKK 65
  • Mixed salad with herbs, shallots, mustard vinaigrette and croutons DKK 65
  • Vegetarian


  • 3 French cheeses with garnish and crispbread DKK 160
  • Nimb’s strawberries Romanoff with sorbet and tuile DKK 125
  • Crème brûlée with Tahiti vanilla and cherry preserve DKK 125
  • Warm chocolate fondant with nougat, served with vanilla crème and fruit compote DKK 125
  • Vegetarian

Music in Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Garden’s summer season offers an inspiring and entertaining musical programme.

•    From April to September, there are Friday Rock concerts at the Open-Air Stage every Friday at 22:00.

•    From June to August, there are Garden Party Concerts at the Open-Air Stage every Friday at 19:00.

Please note that the music is audible inside the restaurant.


Children's Menu

Main courses

  • Boeuf with vegetables, béarnaise sauce and pommes frites DKK 225
  • Fish of the day with vegetables, béarnaise sauce and pommes frites DKK 150
  • Linguini with bolognese sauce and parmesan DKK 150
  • Vegetarian


  • Pancakes with ice cream and berries DKK 95
  • Vegetarian

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