Friday Rock Dinner

The Friday Rock dinner cost DKK 1,800 per person
Included in the price are 1 glass of champagne & snacks, 3 course dinner with accompanying wines (3 glasses) as well as coffee and sweet treats. After dinner, drinks are at your own expense. Price does not include admission to Tivoli Gardens.

Dinner starts at 19:30, and the table is yours until the concert is over.

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  • Amuse-bouche
  • White asparagus with hollandaise sauce and Rømø shrimps topped with herb salad
  • Veal tenderloin with fried sweetbread, green asparagus, grilled spring onions, turnips and demi-glace seasoned with coarse mustard
  • Dessert of rhubarb, white chocolate and meringue




  • Amuse-bouche
  • White asparagus and hand-peeled shrimps, dill mayonnaise, lemon purée, trout roe and herb salad
  • Suprême of poularde from Allegården and vol-au-vent with fricassee of green asparagus, small carrots and morels in velouté seasoned with vin jaune
  • “En surprise” of strawberries, Tahitian vanilla and rhubarb




  • Amuse-bouche
  • Lightly salted salmon, grilled Utrillo peas, radishes and ponzu on cucumber juice and pickled trout roe topped with summer flora
  • Summer game with carrots in different textures, chanterelles and Marchand de Vin sauce
  • Dessert of summer berries,  Tahitian vanilla, kammerjunker  biscuits and buttermilk




  • Amuse-bouche
  • Fried scallops with crudité of summer vegetables, herbs and vinaigrette flavored with tomato salad
  • Summer game on creamy maize risotto with seasonal mushrooms and aged parmesan
  • Dessert of blackcurrant, 70% dark chocolate and Tahitian vanilla




  • Amuse-bouche
  • Marinated tuna à la Niçoise with late summer flora and saffron
  • Quail with seasonal mushrooms and maize, truffle sauce and grated summer truffle
  • Dessert of seasonal berries, meringue and Tahitian vanilla

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12.05    Jonah Blacksmith
19.05    Oh Land + Pil  
26.05    D-A-D

02.06    Magtens Korridorer – fully booked
09.06    (19:00) Stand-up: Torben Chris, Carsten Bang,
Lasse Rimmer – fully booked
(20:00) Deep Purple – fully booked
16.06    Jada
23.06    Phlake – fully booked
30.06    Christopher

07.07    Texas
14.07    (19:00) Stand-up: Thomas Hartmann, Ane Høgsberg,
Mark le Fêvre – fully booked
(20:00) TV•2 – fully booked
21.07    Macklemore – fully booked
28.07    (19:00) Stand-up: Simon Talbot, Michael Schøt,
Anne Bakland – fully booked
(20:00) Thomas Helmig – fully booked

04.08    Malte Ebert + Svea – fully booked
11.08    Rick Astley – fully booked
18.08    Burhan G – fully booked
25.08    Swan Lee

01.09    Drew Sycamore – fully booked
08.09    Hans Philip
15.09    Lis Sørensen + Annika Aakjær
22.09    Tobias Rahim – fully booked