Bar, bubbles & tea where the sky is the limit

A magical atmosphere and perfectly balanced cocktails in the city's most beautiful hotel bar, under the old ballroom's crystal chandeliers. Drink, dream and return the next day for the adventurous Afternoon Tea.

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Luxuriate in the glow of the fireplace

Step into Nimb’s historic ballroom and experience a bar beyond comparison! In the evening  you can sip magical cocktails under the grand crystal chandeliers, or enjoy a glass of vintage champagne by the majestic fireplace. Afternoon Tea is served during sunlit hours from 12:00 noon and cocktails are available from 17:30 Monday to Thursday and from 18:00 Friday to Sunday.

There is no table reservation at Nimb Bar, you simply drop by and choose your favourite spot. Only for Afternoon Tea do we recommend booking in advance.


Opening Hours

Nimb Bar is closed for the summer and will reopen in early September.

The murals in Nimb Bar

The beautiful murals in Nimb Bar were created by artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen. Cathrine was trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from where she graduated in 2003. The classic myths are a recurrent source of inspiration in her art, and in Nimb Bar her murals from 2008 depict the Greek myth of the sisters Philomela and Procne.

The myth

Philomela and Procne were daughters of King Pandion. Procne married King Tereus and gave birth to his son, Itys. Tereus molested Procne’s beautiful sister Philomela and cut out her tongue so she wouldn’t speak of his deed. However, Philomela was an accomplished embroiderer and she embroidered the incident on a piece of fabric that she sent to her sister. As revenge, Procne killed the son she had given King Tereus, made soup of his body and served it to Tereus. After eating the soup with great pleasure, he realised that it had been the broth of his own son. In fury, he attempted to kill the sisters, but the gods intervened and turned them all into birds.
Philomela became a swallow, Procne a nightingale and Tereus a not very elegant hoopoe. Itys was resurrected as a goldfinch.

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