a temple of good taste

In Tivoli's Moorish food palace lives the Nimb family's traditional name and spirit. An exclusive gourmet experience with popular everyday luxury, bar and brunch, hotel and terrace: Good taste prevails everywhere to please the palate, mind and eye.

bar, bubbles & brunch where the sky is the limit

A magical atmosphere and perfectly balanced cocktails in the city's most exclusive hotel bar, under the old ballroom's crystal chandeliers. Drink, dream and come back the next day for the adventurous Luxury Brunch...

the crisp, the tender & the juicy

Nimb Brasserie stands for unspoiled taste and relaxed quality. Rustic and intimate, with French classics where you will feel at ease.

the spirit in the glass

Vinotek is for wine lovers, new and experienced; unpretentious and raw, with comfortable classic Wegner chairs and the greatest wines on the shelves: An underground cathedral of wine that stimulates the palate and mind with good wine and good company.

also at Nimb Hotel

Adventure is ever present in Nimb's 17 uniquely decorated suites. An exclusive boutique hotel like no other in the world, and yet homely, intimate and magnificent all at the same time, where you will dream of staying at the end of your day.

well cut

The sizzling of large steaks, the clinking of great wines, the scent of grilled seafood, a glow of whisky in the bar's glasses. Sit back and enjoy yourself, for nowhere is the steak or atmosphere better than at Nimb Bar'n'Grill.

seasonal harvest & catch

In the centre of Tivoli Gardens is Nimb Terrasse located with a seasonal cuisine, featuring a cuisine fresh from the sea, fresh from the field and fresh from nature. A light and natural cuisine with a sense of good taste, classic wines and knowledgeable hosts; Tivoli's oldest restaurant, but nonetheless alive and innovative on the plate.

a memorable place to meet

At Nimb Banquet we create the framework for business meetings, weddings and receptions - for when only the extraordinary will do. We are passionate about beauty, details, taste and your guests.

The traditional Danish open sandwich, or smørrebrød, is on everyone's lips these days, and from Wednesday, 1 April 2015, you will be able to buy classic, lavishly topped smørrebrød when we open the doors to our spacious new smørrebrød restaurant, Fru Nimb (Mrs Nimb).