The history of Nimb

The Nimb family and 100 years of gastronomic tradition in excellence.

In 1909, in connection with the opening of the newly built Moorish-inspired palace in Tivoli, Nimb opened as a “Bazaar” with exhibitions of arts and crafts. Tenants Vilhelm and Louise Nimb had established themselves as two of the city's leading gastronomic contractors and had already taken over their first Tivoli restaurant in 1877, namely DIVAN 2 at Tivoli Lake, which quickly came to be popularly known as ’Nimb's Terrasse’. When DIVAN 2 once again became part of Nimb in 2011, the establishment changed its to name simply to Nimb Terrasse.

The 1870s was a time of rapid development, also on the gastronomic front. Modest Danish rye bread developed into open sandwiches, and DIVAN 2 was the first restaurant that introduced the open sandwich form. After opening in 1909, the Nimb restaurant rapidly established itself as a leading eatery. Louise Nimb made sure that her daughters, Henriette and Serina, took an active part in the family business. Henriette was chef and Serina was matron and made sure that the house was in order. In the 1920s, young partygoers became fast fixtures at Nimb, and in 1930 the Danish National Broadcasting Company made Nimb famous across the country with live broadcasts of contemporary dance music.