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Garden Concerts in Copenhagen’s Green Oasis

In the heart of Tivoli Gardens, restaurant Gemyse offers the best of green lifestyle and vegetable-based cuisine. Now, Gemyse also opens its doors to the most beautiful garden concerts featuring Denmark’s most cherished musical entertainers.

Between June and December, you can enjoy the leafy surroundings and innovative cuisine complete with sizzling barbecue dishes to the tunes of Danish entertainers NORTHY3, Rasmus Walter, Lenny & Waqas from Outlandish, Pernille Rosendal, THØGER and SKO/TORP.

Starting at 17:30, we will be ready to surprise you with taste impressions and samples from our vegetable-based cuisine. At 21:00, the entertainers will perform hit songs on stage while you enjoy the privilege of being at the perfect spot. Look forward to musical entertainment where the city, Tivoli Gardens, the menu and the music combine to offer plenty of umami, sensory impressions and nostalgia.

Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster.dk and you can read more about the garden concerts here:

Chef’s Table
As an entirely exclusive offer, 20 seats at our Chef’s Table inside the restaurant will be open for booking. With a menu embracing both flora and fauna, you will experience all our garden produce in seven servings. Look forward to a unique experience where Gemyse’s chefs will demonstrate their culinary magic to surprise and excite you. The Chef's Table is situated so you can follow the chefs in the kitchen closely while you enjoy Gemyse’s innovative vegetable-based cuisine in concert with the musical entertainment. Note that there are only 20 tickets available per concert for the Chef’s Table.

First Parque
Seating in the first parquet at the garden concerts allows you to get close to the entertainers. Here, musical and culinary experiences unite to offer an exquisite experience. The dinner starts with a welcome drink and snacks followed by three vegetable-based dishes that focus on the season’s best garden produce in addition to a choice of organic meats. The dessert is composed using the flora of the season. Please note that there are only 70 tickets available for each first parquet per concert.

Small Talk and Dance
If you already know that you will not be seated during the concert then opt for our Small-Talk and Dance tickets. Here you can enjoy Gemyse’s green buffet with smaller dishes and snacks while dancing and talking. The 120 tickets per concert do not include seating.


Gemyse Garden Concerts - Calendar 2018

Saturday 13 October at 17:30  - Pernille Rosendahl
Chef’s Table DKK 1020, First Parquet DKK 920, Small Talk and Dance DKK 820
Look forward to experiencing an honest-to-the-bone Pernille Rosendahl performing tracks from her solo project, including ‘Feet On The Ground’, ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Lost In The Fire’.

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Saturday 27 October at 17:30 - Lenny & Waqas fra Outlandish

Chef’s Table DKK 920, First Parquet DKK 720, Small Talk and Dance DKK 620

We are proud to present LennyGM and Waqas from Danish band Outlandish, who will perform their all-time greatest hits

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Saturday 1 December at 17:30 - SKO / TORP
Chef’s Table DKK 1020, First Parquet DKK 920, Small Talk and Dance DKK 820

Look forward to the Danish pop-rock duo, Sko/Torp, who will invite you for an intimate concert, where you can relive such smash hits as ‘On a long lonely night’, ‘Glorious Days’ and ‘Familiar Roads’.

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Saturday 8 December at 17:30 - THØGER
Chef’s Table DKK 920, First Parquet DKK 820, Small Talk and Dance DKK 720

Thøger Dixgaard is known from the band Flødklinikken and has in recent years made his mark as a solo artist. Look forward to acoustic versions of songs such as ‘Soft Inside’ and ‘Former’.

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