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Monday to Sunday
from 12.00 - 16.00

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Classic Danish open sandwiches - lavishly topped with love

For lunch you can enjoy classic Danish open face sandwiches. Our herrings are caught in the North Atlantic, cut by hand and treated with love. Our eggs come from free-range chickens, their beaks are not trimmed and their feed is not genetically modified. Among other things, this means that the yokes have the most beautiful yellow-orange colour.



Open face sandwiches

  • Marinated herring with creamy curry salad, egg and onion DKK 95
  • Summer herring with elderflower, horseradish, smoked fresh cheese and radish DKK 95
  • Egg and shrimp with homemade lemon mayonnaise DKK 115
  • Smoked salmon with cream, spinach and poached egg DKK 135
  • Butter-fried fillet of fish with homemade remoulade and lemon DKK 125
  • Creamy chicken salad with ground mustard, mushrooms and ventrèche DKK 110
  • Homemade ‘Rullepølse’ with onion chutney, parsley mayonnaise and crispy rye chips DKK 110
  • ‘The veterinarian’s midnight snack’ à la Louise Nimb - liver pâté, salt meat and jellied gravy DKK 105
  • Steak tartare with pickles, capers, freshly shaved horseradish, chopped onions and egg yolk DKK 115
  • Tartare à la Lindström with beetroot, mustard, onion and potato chips DKK 115
  • Vegetarian

Warm dishes

  • ‘Pariserbøf’ - fried beef tartare with all the toppings DKK 145
  • Minced beef steak with potato compote, pickled cucumber and soft, pan-roasted onions DKK 145
  • Large patty shell with asparagus, chicken and ventrèche DKK 145
  • Potato soup with confit of duck DKK 95
  • Vegetarian

Cheese & dessert

  • Blue cheese with preserved berries and crispbread DKK 55
  • Danish brie cheese with honey and crispbread DKK 55
  • Matured cheese with dripping, rum and jellied gravy DKK 95
  • Dark chocolate mousse with preserved blackcurrant and caramelized crunch DKK 75
  • Poached pear with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate DKK 85
  • Vegetarian

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Fru Nimb’s summer platter

Summer herring with elderflower, horseradish, smoked cheese and radishes

Creamy chicken salad with ground mustard, mushrooms and ventrèche

Fillet of plaice with homemade remoulade and pickled cucumber

Brie and preserved berries

Price per person DKK 235