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Every weekend Cakenhagen opens its doors to offer you extra pampering with 'Cake-extravaganza'. You will be able to partake in as many whipped cream cakes, macaroons, cakes, pies, cookies and petit fours as you desire. Fresh coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be served as accompaniments.

Cake-extravaganza costs DKK 295
Please note that the price will be increased to DKK 350 per January 1, 2019

Saturdays and Sundays from 13.30 to 15.30

Holders of gift cards valid for Nimb must book their cake extravaganza by contacting us at restaurantbooking@nimb.dk

When Tivoli is open, guests who visit Cakenhagen will be required to pay the entrance fee into Tivoli. When Tivoli is closed, guests can enter via Nimb Hotel.

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