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Monday - Friday
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Saturday & Sunday
from 7.00 to 10.00

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Start your day with with a delicious breakfast in lovely surroundings

At Nimb Brasserie, we get up earlier than most people. By seven in the morning, we're ready to open our doors and serve breakfast, freshly brewed coffee, fruit juice and the morning papers.

Every day we serve a delicious breakfast buffet. You can also choose from our à la carte menu and try out our homemade pancakes, an avocado dish, mushrooms on toast or something else.

The organic bread is freshly baked in our in-house bakery, and all other breakfast elements are also made from scratch by our chefs. The sausages, the bacon and the salmon is selected from supplier who can match Nimb's high standards. The salmon is from the Faroe Islands and contains no GMO or antibiotics.



À la carte

  • GREEN BOWL - Nimb’s green bowl with banana, kale, spinach, flax seed, hemp seed and peanut butter DKK 85
  • BIRCHER MUESLI - Oatmeal soaked overnight in freshly squeezed orange juice - served with slices of Danish apples and roasted hazelnuts DKK 55
  • PORRIDGE OF OATMEAL - Prepared with soya milk - served with the season’s wild berries, fresh tarragon and olive oil DKK 65
  • NIMB’S RYE BREAD PORRIDGE - Traditional Danish rye bread porridge served with roasted hazelnuts and whipped cream DKK 60
  • WILD MUSHROOM TOAST - Chanterelles, black trumpet mushrooms and brown beech mushrooms served on house-made French brioche with a poached egg, freshly grated truffles and olive oil DKK 145
  • EGGS BENEDICT - With ham or cold smoked salmon on house-made English muffin served with hollandaise sauce DKK 125
  • CROQUE MADAME - With ham, “Vesterhavsost” (cheese) bechamel sauce and fried egg DKK 125
  • AVOCADO - Rye bread toast with avocado, bacon “Vesterhavsost” (cheese), fried egg and topped with fresh herbs DKK 85
  • PANCAKES - House-made pancakes served with wild berry compote and Nimb’s own maple syrup DKK 65
  • WAFFLES - House-made waffles served with airy crème anglaise and fresh raspberries DKK 65
  • OMELETTE - Fried egg, scrambled egg or poached egg DKK 85
  • SAUSAGES - Fried pork sausages from Butcher Lampe DKK 55
  • Vegetarian

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Juice Menu

Start your day in the best possible way with a juice from our juice menu. All juices are house-made, cold-pressed and made from organic produce. They are designed by Nimb’s own nutrition expert to specifically boost vitamin and mineral content.
Kickstart your morning with a glass of juice and have a wonderful day!

  • GREEN - The juice, which gets its beautiful green hue from the chlorophyll, actively helps your body’s detoxification process. Your immune system is strengthened and your attention kept razorsharp. The juice helps increase your metabolism, and you generally feel that you have more energy. Furthermore, the juice is designed to alleviate allergy and stabilise the blood sugar. Rich in vitamins K, C, E and A as well as magnesium and potassium. Ingredients: Apple, kiwi, cucumber, pineapple, stinging nettle, parsley, spirulina, chlorella and matcha DKK 55
  • WHITE - This juice is naturally cleansing and helps keep your skin young and agile while boosting kidney detoxification. It has a beneficial effect on your digestion and strengthens your immune system. Rich in vitamins K and C as well as magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Ingredients: Pineapple, celery and coconut DKK 55
  • RED - A unique juice with a special anti-inflammatory effect on your body due to its detoxification properties. It also helps your liver and boosts your energy to improve stamina as well as strengthen your immune system. Rich in vitamins A, K and C as well as folic acid, magnesium and potassium. Ingredients: Beetroot, carrot, apple, turmeric and ginger DKK 55
  • Vegetarian