Gemyse + Bailey’s Treatmas Bar in the Greenhouse

Every weekend, we sprinkle a little extra sugar and festive fun on the Christmas season together with Bailey’s when we open Gemyse’s greenhouse doors and invite you into our "Treatmas Bar". Drop by our beautiful greenhouse and taste a ‘Bailey’s Chocolate Reindeer’ that the legendary Chocolate Luxe liqueur brand now introduces as their new Christmas tradition. When you order a ‘Bailey’s Chocolate Reindeer’, it will be served with whipped cream, candy straws, cookie crumbs, marshmallows and, of course, Bailey’s. You can naturally also unbridle your creative imagination and decorate your own ‘reindeer’.


Gemyse’s Greenhouse is the only place in Copenhagen where you can taste a ‘Bailey’s Chocolate Reindeer’.

7 & 8 December
14 & 15 December
21 & 22 December
28 & 29 December

From 11:00 to 22:00

DKK 75 for a set with chocolate reindeer made with whipped cream, candy drinking straws, cookie crumbs, marshmallows and, of course, Bailey’s.

Please note, that you must be 18 years of age to order a reindeer.


Less sugar, less alcohol, more exercise – we are all familiar with New Year resolutions. Gemyse has made it a little easier for you to comply... at least during the first week of January:


  • Falafel with crushed herbs


  • Beetroot tartare with yeast emulsion

Main course served family-style

  • Leek with crispy egg and butter whey
  • Veggie tasting menu with arugula and Blå Kornblomst (blue cheese)
  • Potatoes with kale and pickled onions

Price: DKK 325 per person
Please note that admission to Tivoli Gardens is not included.


All-in New Year resolution – non-alcoholic beverage menu

  • Snack: Sparkling Tea, BLÅ, Sparkling Tea Company, Denmark
  • Starter: SHISO & CHERRY – shiso-lemonade, lemon, dark berries
  • Main dish: MINT & CITRUS – mint syrup, lemon, green grapes, rosemary

Price: DKK 195 per person

Ye shall raise where ye fell…

  • Snack: NV, Era Organic, Prosecco, Veneto (Italy)
  • Starter: Hibiscus beer, Gemyse
  • Main dish: 2018 Chardonnay, Sokol Blosser, Oregon (USA)

Price: DKK 255 per person

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