Gemyse x Arla Unika

Gemyse and Arla Unika have teamed up to invite you for two unique evenings that combine Gemyse’s innovative vegetable-based cuisine with with Arla Unika’s gourmet cheeses.
The evening starts with welcome snacks and an introduction to the inspiring cheeses you will be enjoying during the evening. This will be followed by a 3-course menu made with the season’s prime vegetables served alongside 4 delicious cheeses from Arla Unika.
Welcome to our garden world!



  • Kohlrabi wrap with goma and herbs - with this Arla Unika Havgus
  • Falafel with yeast emulsion - with this Arla Unika Gammel Knas


  • Steamed vegetables with celery, mocha and wasabi – with this Arla Unika Loki

Middle serving

  • Roasted onions with pickled mustard seeds – with this Arla Unika Kry

Main course

  • Baked beetroots with pickled wild garlic flowers and sauce fumé – with this a fresh cheese from Arla Unika


  • Apple sorbet and white chocolate – with this Arla Unika Karamelsten

When: 10/12
Price: DKK 595 per person incl. admission to Tivoli Gardens, snacks, 3-course menu and coffee or tea

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The safety of our guests and employees is paramount, which is why we have provided the necessary spacing between the dining tables and made hand sanitizer available on all tables. We are furthermore dedicated to ensuring high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Naturally, our staff members wear facemasks or visors.
We look forward to welcoming you to Nimb.