Delicacies from the grill with an Asian touch

Few places are as sensuous as the food markets of Bangkok, Shanghai and Hanoi. With their redolent spices, flaring flames from the pans, and barbecues where the smoke lends great depth of flavour, these sizzling markets are characterised by a wealth of scents and intense flavours. This is our inspiration at Nimb Bar’n’Grill.

Our Thai chefs were born to the wonders of Asian cuisine, and with the grill as the catalyst for a varied universe of flavours, they serve modern interpretations of some of Asia’s great signature dishes.

Welcome to our “Street Kitchen Deluxe”!

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The ingredients I have grown up with

“It’s very exciting for me to show that barbecued dishes can be elevated and given a new and interesting direction using the ingredients I have grown up with. Guests can expect both elegant and intense flavours of fish sauce, lime, coconut, passion fruit, chili, lemongrass, coriander and more,"

says Gastronomic Chef, Nan K. Kortaisong.

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17.00 - 23.00

Monday - Saturday

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