Snacks and drinks

Enjoy a good cup of coffee or a glass of champagne in the beautiful Nimb Bar. The crystal chandeliers, the lounge music and the crackling fireplace gives you the perfect setting for a calm break. Cocktails will be served from 17.00. Table reservation is only needed for Afternoon Tea. 


  • Lightly salted potato chips DKK 35
  • Olives marinated with lemon peel and garlic DKK 40
  • Salted almonds DKK 45
  • Vegetable chips DKK 35
  • Vegetarian

Coffee & tea

  • Coffee DKK 45
  • Espresso DKK 45
  • Double espresso DKK 55
  • Cappuccino DKK 50
  • Caffe latte DKK 50
  • TWG Tea (pot) DKK 75
  • Irish Coffee DKK 125
  • Vegetarian

Cold drinks

  • Carbonated drinks DKK 35
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice DKK 50
  • Organic juices from Bryghuset Møn DKK 45
  • Sparkling water (50 cl) DKK 45
  • Assorted beers (from) DKK 55
  • White wine per glass (from) DKK 80
  • Red wine per glass (from) DKK 80
  • Champagne Deutz Brut DKK 135
  • Champagne, Deutz Rosé DKK 165
  • Vegetarian

Selection of teas


Weekend in Shanghai

A precious green tea embellished with ripe red berries, swirls of mystical blossoms and a hint of mint, producing a cup of dazzling freshness.


Oolong, Ti Kuan Yin 

Blended to perfection this half fermented tea yields a slightly flowery but stringent flavor

Jasmine Monkey King

A mild tea mixed with jasmine flowers


Silver Moon

A sweet but slightly spicy blend of different green teas with red berries and vanilla added


Pai Mut an

A smooth delicate and highly refreshing white tea. An excellent tea for the end of the day


Vanilla Bourbon

A caffeine free tea with a rich vanilla taste


Lemon Bush

A theine-free tea from South Africa blended with wild citrus fruits.


Herbal tea made from fresh mint or fresh ginger.