Afternoon Tea in Nimb Bar

A delightful Danish twist on the classic afternoon tea

Tea of your choosing 

First serving

Confit chicken and onion marmalade on brioche

Crustaceans with cold smoked salmon and horseradish

Choux pastry with shrimp and crushed eggs

Croquettes with Vesterhavs cheese, herb-made ham and coarse mustard

Freshcheese, herbs and roe


Nimbs surprise icetea

Second serving

Macaron with passion fruit and coconut

Mousse cake with lime and pistachio

Brownie with Raspberry Meringue

Filled chocolate with Nimb Blanc de blancs

Scones with butter, jam, lemoncurd and whipped cream

DKK 425

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Afternoon Tea in Nimb Bar

The menu changes 4 times a year – in the beginning of October, January, April and July. 

Please note, that the table is yours for 2 hours.

The safety of our guests and employees is paramount, which is why we have provided the necessary spacing between the dining tables and made hand sanitizer available on all tables. We are furthermore dedicated to ensuring high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Naturally, our staff members wear facemasks or visors.
We look forward to welcoming you to Nimb.

Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire

Welcome serving

Oysters & 1 glass Dom Pérignon Brut, Vintage 2010

First serving

Choux pastry with lobster salad, caviar and cress

Crisp croquette with rooster, mushrooms and truffle

Creamed egg with hand-shelled shrimps, caviar and dill

Puff pastry with duck liver mousse, cherries and chervil

Gammel Knas cheese with broken gel made with blood orange and pickled apricots

Middle serving

Iced tea with jasmine, apricot and tonka beans

Second serving

Blackcurrants, chocolate Danish cream puff

Marshmallow with raspberries and rose

Chocolate mousse with salted caramel, coconut and passionfruit


Luxury rum ball

Scones with lemon curd, marmalade and butter

The menu changes 4 times a year – in the beginning of October, January, April and July.

DKK 795

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Afternoon Tea Extraordaire – when you deserve that little extra luxury!

On selected Sundays we add a little extra enjoyment to the day and serve ‘Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire’. As always, afternoon tea is served by the crackling log fire in Nimb Bar – but with just that little extra luxury you dearly deserve.
Nimb’s chefs lend their masterly talents to the finest of truffles, caviar and oyster servings, while the house champagne is duly replaced by Dom Pérignon. Delve into our deep armchairs and let yourself be seduced by the tunes of classical masters performed on the beautiful grand piano in Nimb Bar.
The price covers: ‘Afternoon Tea Extraordinary’ incl. 1 glass of Dom Pérignon and all the tea you can drink.

We look forward to welcoming you to ‘Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire’!

Please note, that the table is yours for 2,5 hours.

Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire 2021

3/10, 7/11

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