Afternoon Tea in Nimb Bar

A delightful Danish twist on the classic afternoon tea

Tea of your choosing 

First serving

Warm pie with hay cheese, green asparagus and salmon

Lumpfish roe with whipped crème fraîche and puff pastry

Quail eggs and hand-shelled shrimp with house-made lemon mayonnaise

Chicken liver mousse with rhubarb

Fresh cheese with dried olives

Middle serving

Pink flamingo ice tea

Second serving

Scone with butter, whipped cream, lemon curd and marmalade

Cinnamon roll with browned butter dipped in cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom sugar

3 petits fours – selection of the day

Dessert cake with raspberries and panna cotta

DKK 325

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Beautiful tunes in Nimb Bar

Every weekend from noon to 16:00, you can enjoy your afternoon tea to the tones of classical music and more modern tunes when pianists lend their masterly talent to the beautiful grand piano at Nimb Bar.

Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire

Welcome serving

Oysters and 1 glass of Dom Pérignon Brut, Vintage 2009

First tea serving

First serving

Puff pastry with Norway lobster and dill mayonnaise

Hand-shelled prawns with quail eggs and caviar

Tartare with pickled mushrooms and mushroom mayonnaise topped with fresh truffle

Roasted brioche with turbot, sauce tartare and hay cheese

Brie on house-made crispbread with apple compote and fresh truffle

Middle serving


Second tea serving

Second serving

Butter-baked scones served with black currant marmalade, lemon curd, butter and whipped cream

Mousse cake of mandarin

Danish cream puff

"Danish" with apple and sour hibiscus

A selection of petit fours

DKK 695

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Afternoon Tea Extraordaire – when you deserve that little extra luxury!

The second Sunday of the month, we add a little extra enjoyment to the day and serve ‘Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire’. As always, afternoon tea is served by the crackling log fire in Nimb Bar – but with just that little extra luxury you dearly deserve.
Nimb’s chefs lend their masterly talents to the finest of truffles, caviar and oyster servings, while the house champagne is duly replaced by Dom Pérignon. Delve into our deep armchairs and let yourself be seduced by the tunes of classical masters performed on the beautiful grand piano in Nimb Bar.
The price covers: ‘Afternoon Tea Extraordinary’ incl. 1 glass of Dom Pérignon and all the tea you can drink.

We look forward to welcoming you to ‘Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire’!

Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire 2019 

November 10

Christmas Carol Afternoon Tea Extraordinary

Christmas spirit is guaranteed when the talented jazz vocalist Frederikke Vedel sings all your favourite Christmas carols by the magnificent fireplace in Nimb Bar. On the four Sundays leading up to Christmas we add a little extra indulgence when we serve "Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire" in a special Christmas version. It’s afternoon tea as you know it, but with the extra little treats you deserve. Nimb’s chefs will share their culinary magic by serving the finest truffles, caviar and oyster dishes, while the house champagne for the occasion will be replaced by a glass of Dom Pérignon.

We look forward to welcoming you for Christmas Carol Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire, where you can sink into one of our plush armchairs to the heart-warming tunes of Christmas carol classics.
Welcome and Merry Christmas!

DKK 695 per person
Price includes: Afternoon Tea Extraordinaire incl. 1 glass of Dom Pérignon and as much tea as you please.

November 24, December 1, December 8 and December 15

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