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Monday - Sunday
from 17.00 to 22.00

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Culinary quality

At Nimb Brasserie we serve brasserie classics with a modern, playful touch. We welcome you in beautiful yet informal surroundings, and we always do our very best to give you a wonderful experience. 

We are changing the menus according to the season.


À la carte


  • Fines de Claire oysters with roasted lemon and vinaigrette - 3 pcs. DKK 95
  • Fines de Claire oysters with roasted lemon and vinaigrette - 6 pcs. DKK 165
  • Cured scallops with watercress bouillon and horseradish crème DKK 135
  • Fried witch flounder with green asparagus and sauce sancerre DKK 115
  • Steak tatare prepared tableside with Cognac, parsley, mustard and shallots DKK 185
  • Burgundy snails prepared with garlic butter and croutons DKK 95
  • Pâté de campagne with pistachio nuts and pickled mushrooms DKK 95
  • Ratatouille with olive oil and black pepper DKK 95
  • Duck liver terrine with brioche and sauternes DKK 165
  • Vegetarian

Main courses

  • Tournedos Rossini - seared beef tenderloin with duck liver, roasted chanterelles and truffle sauce DKK 555
  • Fish of the day - fresh from Hanstholm fish market with mussel sauce blanquette DKK 285
  • Whole roasted lobster with green salad, lemon and mayonnaise DKK 355
  • Lemon sole à la Meunière - roasted fish on the bone, browned butter, potatoes and lemon DKK 275
  • Roasted cauliflower with truffles and almonds DKK 165
  • Boeuf Wellington with truffle sauce (2 persons) DKK 755
  • Flambéed pepper steak with cognac, Madagascar pepper and crème fraîche DKK 380
  • Roasted rib-eye with Sauce Béarnaise and French fries DKK 335
  • Chicken fricassee with new potatoes and baby vegetables DKK 195
  • Pork chop with pork stock and crisp Jerusalem artichokes DKK 285
  • Vegetarian


  • French fries DKK 55
  • Roasted duck liver DKK 85
  • New potatoes with parsley DKK 45
  • Green salad DKK 45
  • Vegetarian


  • Brie de Meaux with summer truffles, bitter green salad, quince compote and nut bread. DKK 135
  • Petits fours DKK 45
  • White chocolate parfait with yuzu and raw licorice DKK 95
  • Strawberry tarte with elderflower custard and dark chocolate DKK 95
  • Fresh cherries with creamy yoghurt, cocoa gel and crunchy crumble DKK 95
  • Paris-Brest with hazelnut chocolate crème DKK 95
  • Crêpes Suzette with roasted almonds and orange – flambéed tableside in Cointreau DKK 175
  • Today's selection of ice cream DKK 95
  • Vegetarian

3-course menu

”Chef’s choice” – please ask your waiter or waitress
DKK 400.


Children's menu

Main courses

  • Tenderloin, French fries and béarnaise DKK 150
  • Today’s fish with the season’s best ingredients DKK 150
  • Chicken with French fries and béarnaise DKK 150
  • Vegetarian


  • Ice cream DKK 65
  • Pancakes with ice cream DKK 75
  • Vegetarian

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